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Direction of "Oil and Gas Business" specialty "Oil and gas engineering and technology"

Oil case None of the raw materials does not cause so much excitement and brings as much revenue as oil and gas, which are the main energy. The ability to use these key products and their stocks to hold strings in these business areas, determine the path to economic prosperity and choice of political and economic strategy of the state.

The desire to expand the national fuel and energy base and reduce dependence of Ukraine on imports leads to the need for affordable development of new oil and gas fields located at great depths and in the Black and Azov Seas.

Further commitment to increase oil and gas, increasing the efficiency of their use, a crisis ecological situation in Ukraine require the use of environmentally sound technology exploration, construction of wells, production, processing, and transportation, storage and sale of oil, gas and petroleum products.

The implementation of the above problems, the development of energy-saving technologies, the use of international oil and gas lines shows that energy use per unit of social product is reduced only when accelerating scientific and technological progress, the implementation of which is possible when working highly qualified specialists of international level.

Prospects for oil and gas industry Ukraine mainly associated with the extensive use of advanced technology and equipment to improve manufacturing processes, their efficiency, reliability and safety.


Cooperation in research, development and exploitation of new fields and equipment, sale and storage of petroleum products, as well as long-term deals with sharing and building global international oil and gas highways in a market economy in need of specialist training new structure for the program "Oil business" that meet modern standards of the new generation.

At the request of students enrolled in "Oil and Gas Business" can pass military training military rank "reserve officer".

The list of items of which submitted certificates Ukrainian Center for Educational Quality Assessment for admission at the direction of:

  • Ukrainian language and literature (basic);
  • mathematics (basic);
  • physics.

Training period:

  • Bachelor - for full-time - 4 years, part-time - 4.5 years;
  • specialist - for full-time - 1 year, part-time - 1 year;
  • Master - for full-time - 1.5 years part-time - 1.5 years;
  • Second High - correspondence 1.9 years;

The educational goal of the program:

  • program direction "Oil and Gas Business" aims to train specialists capable of solving the problems associated with continuous process of construction of wells, production, transportation to the storage of oil and gas and their implementation.

Educational objectives of the program:

  • Mastering disciplines of general education and vocational training that is theoretical and technological foundation of the oil and gas business.
  • Providing students a wide range of opportunities for future activities in the field of petroleum engineering.
  • Creating the conditions for students to further enhance the educational qualification of, admission to master's and educational and professional programs of higher levels.
  • Obtaining the necessary basic training for both theoretical and applied research on problems of the oil and gas business.

The specialist can perform these professional work DK 003: 2005:

  • 3117 Technician of oil and gas;
  • 3117 Mining technologist;
  • 3115 Technician of maintenance and repair of equipment;
  • 3117 techniques for the preparation and transportation of oil and gas;
  • 3117 Operating techniques pipelines;
  • 3117 Operating Equipment Technician gas facilities;
  • 3115 Designer technician (mechanical);
  • 2320 teacher professional educational institution;
  • 1222.2 Master of oil, gas and condensate;
  • 1222.2 Master of wells;
  • 1222.2 Master of the development and repair of injection wells;
  • 1222.2 Master of the gas preparation;
  • 1222.2 Master of the preparation and stabilization of oil;
  • 1222.2 Master of workover (capital, underground);
  • 1222.2 Master of the tank farm;
  • 1222.2 master operation and maintenance of machines and mechanisms and may hold primary positions according to the Guide features professional qualification of employees (Oil and Natural Gas. Oil refining, oil and gas, oil shale, coal, service pipelines);
  • maintenance mechanic production base, pipe base;
  • mechanic shop rental and repair of drilling equipment and naftohazopromyslovoho;
  • vyshkomontazhnoho mechanic shop;
  • plugging mechanic shop;
  • vocational teacher education.

Graduates MNTU in "Oil and Gas Business" get a state diploma. Our graduates work in the field of oil and gas, construction and operation of gas and petroleum and hazonaftoshovyscha, design and operation of the depots of petroleum and petroleum products, management and sales, design, construction and operation of the equipment, the environment both in private business and public enterprises.